2016 Congrats BASE Athlete

Congratulations on completing your entry to the BASE Performance Team. Now that it is official we would love for you to share with the world that you are part of the BASE Family of athletes. Lastly we are extremely grateful to have you as a member of the team. We want to make this year amazing for everyone, so thank you for your willingness to Race with BASE.


Social Media Support

Being part of the team we hope you show your BASE pride by posting often on the various social media sites. We are obviously a part of all of them and would love to see your love, workouts, race pictures, videos, and fun.

Facebook Cover:

RWB_IamaProud We have created 6 different BASE Performance cover page images for you to use and post to your pages. Please click the link below to download them below and set your Facebook Cover page for the next few weeks with one of the following that best describes you. [download id="1023"]

Tell the world:

Below is an image that we have created for you to show the social media world that you are part of the team. Please click the link below to download and post this on your various sites so we can show everyone how strong the BASE Team will be in 2016 and beyond. RaceWithBASEAthlete [download id="1020"] ILoveBase [download id="1044"]


Here are a list of approved and recommended hashtags for your images and posts. We want to create a united message so we can all find each other and appreciate what the team is up to. If you think of one that you love by all means add that as well, but please use one of the following as well. #RaceWithBASE #FueledByBASE #ILoveBASE #SaltSaves #RocketFuel

BASE 2XU Gear:

We have your original order all set up. However if you would like to order more gear you can do so by clicking here, don't forget to enter the code "base2016" to enter the store.