Proven Hydration developed by Athletes for Athletes.

BASE Performance was developed by athletes looking to push themselves to the limit. For years our Electrolyte Salt has powered athletes through some of the toughest events in endurance. Through years of research we've taken the foundation our salt provided and built a full hydration suite of products.

BASE Electrolyte Salt

BASE Electrolyte Salt provides athletes with superior electrolyte replenishment, enabling them to maximize performance, stay hydrated and fight fatigue. More than just sodium chloride, BASE Salt’s all natural formula contains 84 essential minerals needed to maintain proper energy and fluid balance and avoid muscle cramps.

BASE Hydro

BASE Hydro’s key electrolytes ensure proper absorption of water and reduce muscle cramps. Together, this combination provides the optimal hydration source during high-intensity and/or prolonged physical activities.


Created for hard working athletes looking for the absolute best, R.K.T. FUEL is specifically engineered with a blend of fuel sources and electrolytes to bolster your endurance performance. Whereas most products contain just one type of sugar, BASE R.K.T. FUEL provides you with three sources of fuel to outlast the competition.

Use BASE To Your Advantage

Compare our different hydration options, we offer every level of hydration support. Our Electrolyte salt gives your body that extra boost to retain your existing water intake, BASE Hydro combies three types of fast acting carbohydrates to maximize uptake, and RKT Fuel offers a complete blend of fuel sources and electrolytes to improve performance.

BASE Electrolyte Salt BASE Hydro BASE RKT Fuel
BASE Electrolyte Salt with 3 Race Vials BASE Hydro - Comes in 5 Different Flavors BASE ROCKET FUEL
What to use?
Off Day
Light Workout
3+ Hour Workout
Race Day


I've been loving the RKT Fuel. I couldn't have imagined how big the difference would be when I switched to RKT fuel.

Corinne Austin

Using the Base Salt has really been a life saver for us. It has made a huge difference in our training and we can really tell the difference in performance.

Linda Deming

I live in Florida were it is hot and humid. I would not go on a run without this product. 


This Base Electrolyte Salt has made such a difference in my training and racing efforts! Can't live without it!!

Lizzie M.

I'll never go back to sugary, watered down hydration. Base hydro for life

Rachel Pinson