BASE Coaching welcomes Collin Smith, a triathlon coach with experience as an age group triathlete as well as a former baseball player at the collegiate level and beyond. Not only does Collin bring his experience as an age group triathlete and former baseball player to the BASE team, but Collin also has a background in personal training, strength and conditioning. Competing at a higher level sport has helped mold Collin's understanding of what it takes to not only be a competitive athlete, but also maintain personal balance outside the sport. 

Collin's philosophy as a coach centers around the concept of helping the athlete achieve physical goals as well as using the sport of triathlon to enhance their personal lives, ultimately, creating a well-balanced and healthy individual, both mentally and physically.  He prides himself on treating each athlete as an individual person with individual needs, both inside and outside the sport. To Collin, one of the most fundamental parts of the sport of triathlon is achieving balance. Collin says he wouldn't be able to grow alongside my athletes without the tremendous support of his loving wife, Suzie, and their two beautiful daughters. They keep him grounded and motivated. 

Triathlon is an incredible community and BASE Performance is an exceptional family within it. As a BASE coach, Collin works with athletes on their swim, bike, run, strength and conditioning, as well as personal well being. We all have challenges in life and as your coach, Collin is there to help when needed. Collin has worked with a range of athletes including newcomers to experienced, and competitive age group triathletes, runners, and cyclists.  Not only does Collin provide one-on-one coaching experience that includes individual training plans and feedback, but he also provides a private interactive Facebook group for athletes as a place for additional coaching and athlete support. In that group, you will find coaching resources to help athletes educate themselves and better understand the ever-evolving sport and healthy living. 

Collin looks forward to helping anyone interested become an exceptional athlete and better their lives through the sport of triathlon.
Feel free to contact Collin directly with questions.