I am Stacey Underwood, a USAT Level 1 and Ironman U certified coach with 8 years of coaching experience. I enjoy coaching athletes of all ability levels and experience from sprint to Ironman distance races, with specific experience coaching beginner and intermediate age group triathletes looking to learn more and to set new goals in the sport. As a “middle of the pack” age grouper with 7 Ironman finishes and over a dozen 70.3 finishes, I incorporate my personal race experiences and course knowledge into my coaching.

A strong belief in a balanced approach to training, work, and family is the foundation of my coaching.  As a wife, mom, full-time elementary school teacher, and age group triathlete, my goal as your coach is to help you find balance, without sacrificing relationships, yet prioritizing key workout sessions. No junk miles- every session counts. I don't want you to just blindly follow my plan for you- I want you to ask questions, learn, and know the "why" behind your training.  I am your biggest supporter, but also your most honest critic...I will always tell you what you've done well, but I'll also (kindly) tell you if you need to step it up in order to hit your goals.  I look forward to helping you set and reach new goals.