Below is a collection of testimonials we've received over the years. You can read more reviews from our customers in our blog.

Chris Lieto

I have been racing for over 10 years and have learned an enormous amount about my body, nutrition and foundational health. I am still increasing in my performance year after year winning races and contending at the highest level at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The reason I feel I am continually improving is because I look at the small things and the big things in training and in what I put in my body. There are some great products out there that help me perform to my ability, but there is also a lot that is missing. After 3 years planning, researching and teaming up with experts I launched BASE Performance.

BASE Performance is about the foundational health everyone needs to live a healthy life, but more importantly in some peoples eyes perform at a higher level. Some of these products I have been using since 2005 refining and continually improving until I and my team believed that it was ready to bring to the public. Almost all of us are in a dehydrated state and are amino and protein deficient. It is imperative that you turn this around. This is what athletes are needing in a bad way and it can help improve your health, performance, recovery, and help you be more hydrated.

I believe that you will feel a huge difference the first time you take these products. If you don't believe me read the testimonials of people and athletes that take the product once and email us with their results that blow them away. Training sessions that surpass their best training or racing performances. You will feel better in each workout, recover faster and the next day you will feel fresh and ready to go.

Brent McMahon

I have really noticed the benefits of BASE Water and BASE Amino during my first two training camps of the 2008 season where I began using both products. I had my first camp in Maui after doing my winter training up until then in just above freezing conditions. In past years it has taken at least a week or ten days to start to feel acclimated to the heat at training camp. However, since using the BASE products I almost immediately felt comfortable in the mid 80's conditions of Maui while doing long BASE miles. I finished workouts well hydrated and having had enough fuel to sustain the work load and intensity required. I also did the longest workout of my career in Maui at 7hrs and was able to maintain a pace and endurance level that I was very surprised with.quite humbling as I was slowed to one of my slowest run paces of all time due to being tired, dehydrated, unacclimatized, and fatigued from riding the day before.

My next camp was in Noosa, Australia where intervals and intensity was the focus and again I was able to stay hydrated on less volumes of water and better fueled with BASE Amino. With the increased absorption of the water and carbohydrate drink I am able to run intervals at a harder pace without having any sloshing of fluids in my gut. I was also less affected by the almost 90 degree temperatures on the track while running as the result of prehydrating and fueling with BASE water and amino.

Matt Lieto

BASE Performance products have definitely improved my training. I can go hard and recover well knowing that BASE is giving me what I need. I've tried so many different products over the years and some work, some don't. I know the BASE products work and I'm looking forward to a great season of training and racing with BASE.

Cameron Evans

I have been using BASE amino for a few months now and can say that it has been one of the single best nutritional products I have ever used. Not only do I find that I recover better between hard training sessions but I also notice a difference in my endurance on long training days. Using BASE amino in combination with the recovery activator and electrolyte salt has taken my nutrition to a whole new level.

Ben Collins

I'm always looking for products that are going to give me an edge. BASE keeps things simple and gives athletes products that are crucial to maintaining a healthy and strong body. I'm a huge fan of the BASE Water...there's nothing like it in the marketplace and it works!

Cal Giant Cycling Team

BASE Performance is an important part of our training, race preparation and recovery, we are excited to work with BASE Performance this season and recommend using this superior product.

Justin Angle

I met Chris Lieto in June 2008 on trail run in Seattle. He told me about BASE Performance and suggested his nutritional supplements might be a missing link in my training. At the time I was 10 days out from the Bighorn 100-mile endurance run. He gave me some Recovery Activator and I took it religiously during the final days of my training. I arrived at Bighorn feeling great and ran strong throughout the race, finishing second in a strong field of runners. I began using BASE Amino immediately after Bighorn and it enabled me to recover strong and return to full and productive training volume faster than ever before.

The BASE system quickly became an integral part of my training and allowed me to peak again for a great race at the Angeles Crest 100-mile run in September. I finished 3rd, with a 30 minute PR. Trying to run well in multiple 100-mile races in a single year is difficult and puts your body under intense stress. The products from BASE Performance helped my body cope with this stress and allowed me to train harder and race better than I ever had before.