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We all make mistakes in training and racing, but we can certainly learn from them. Maybe you did too much in training and you ended up getting injured. Or perhaps you made a nutrition mistake during your race and ended up running low on fuel by the end of your day. These are all common mistakes that most of us experience at some point, but it’s how we learn and change in the future that can make these opportunities for growth and development.   The Ironman World Championship is one of the most important days of competition in the world...

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We at BASE Performance strive to help you achieve your goals, which extends beyond nailing your nutrition and supplementation regimen. As such, we reached out to QT2 Systems Founder & Coach Jesse Kropelnicki to generously shares with us some of his training wisdom! Every decision that you make as an athlete or coach, from the perspective of training stress, is typically based on some balance between race specificity and what is physiologically best to continue progress.  Sometimes the most race-specific workouts, may not be the best for long term physiological development.  Conversely, sometimes these objectives align well and make the athlete's planning a bit easier. ...

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