2022 Base Performance Adaptive Team

I am an athlete. It just so happens that how I compete looks different than the people next to me. In 2019 I became an athlete on wheels because of my progressive bone diseases that made my past athletic endeavors less than wise. Its probably not worth running a 5k if you’re going to end up with 3 stress fractures that don’t heal. Adaptive sport for me has been looking for what’s possible and celebrating more than grieving. I still have to grieve and struggle a lot with where my body is at and where my mind wants to be. I am just really happy when I get to run (to clear this up, I say run and its me running from my racing chair).

For the past couple of years I’ve averaged a lot of miles in my car participating in adaptive sport, because even getting the equipment to try any adaptive sport is a challenge to begin with. I have no magic solutions for any challenges we all face as adaptive athletes, but I know being apart of communities and teams is the difference between me pushing a 15k and me pushing my first 100 mile race where I buckled.

What we do together is far greater than anything we can do alone. For 2022, I am so grateful to have the ability to help grow awareness, access and action in regards to adaptive sport especially through Base Performance Adaptive Team. If you made the choice to work towards being 1% better today, as Chris Nikic says, a year from now you will likely be so proud of that 1% that has led you to become who you are.

My adaptive athlete family that I have so gratefully found at the start lines and run clubs and airports are why I am who I am and want to do what I do. I pour my heart into community and this past year I did things that I don’t know I would have ever tried without my Base teammates.

I just came back from Minneapolis with a heart full. I only got a few moments of time with seeing my base Minnesota family but I sure knew I belonged on that marathon course when I saw the tent and they screamed my name.

I poured my heart into my 2021 Base team experience and took more from being on the team than I could ever imagine. From dinners post marathons to the Colorado camp to changing my approach to nutrition and hydration. . .Base was behind it all.

For 2022 Base Adaptive Team we have had amazing people share their story in the application and how they adapt to sport. If you are an athlete with an adaptation or know an athlete with adaptation, consider applying for the 2022 team.

Please share the base adaptive team opportunity with your communities and reach out to connect. Having nutrition and hydration changed my world this year, Base salt literally saves my life. Dream crazier, love what you do and have a family that celebrates the journey through the tears and the mountain tops with Base Performance Adaptive Team.

Thank you- Julia Beckley


Here are some of our athletes from 2021: