Team Codes for you to use when ordering product. Do NOT share these. It is the honesty policy. Codes only work on nutrition products, not clothing. We have a list of all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year athletes, so when those codes are use, it will be double checked. Please don't do it for 5%. 


  • 1st Year - 2024BASE1 = 25% off
  • 2nd Year - 2024BASE2 = 30% off
  • 3rd Year - 2024BASE3 = 35% off
  • 4th Year - 2024BASE4 = 40% off
  • 5th Year - 2024BASE5 = 45% off
  • 6th Year - 2024BASE6 = 50% off
  • 7th Year - 2024BASE7 = 55% off
  • 8th Year - 2024BASE8 = 55% off
  • 9th Year - 2024BASE9 = 55% off
  • 10th Year - 2024BASE10 = 55% off
  • 11th Year - 2024BASE10 = 55% off

I am sorry that we are not able to go greater than 55% off. When running the numbers, we are creeping right at our cost. We value our long term team members, but we still need to run the business. In looking at the financials, plus we are going back to offering free shipping over $79, this is the highest we can go.

If you have friends / family who want to try some BASE products out, here is a 20% off code you can give them to Try Out The Nutrition Products one time. This is NOT an all the time code. Do not post it on social media.  You, BASE Team Member, do not use this code please.

  • FFBASE23 = 10% off




We've been busy creating partnerships with our favorite brands to offer you some excellent exclusive deals! Our goal is always to provide you with every possible advantage to help you achieve your athletic goals. As such, we're continually working to add more brands to our list of partners, so don't be surprised to see the names grow. We target companies whose products and/or services are as well known and respected as the brand. Each partner was carefully selected because of what they bring to the sport, relationships we have in place as well as the quality of their products and services. Enjoy!  

If you have any questions about sponsor information. Email 




BASE Performance athletes receive up to 25% off Quintana Roo bikes and framesets. BASE Performance athletes may be eligible for a special Kona Qualifier promotion in the year they qualify.


- http://www.quintanarootri.com


 BASE Performance athletes receive up to 20% off Litespeed bikes and framesets.

- http://www.litespeed.com


 BASE Performance athlete receive 10% off Obed Bikes and framesets.

 *Discounts listed above must be received directly through American Bicycle Group.

 You must email Bryanna.Hurley@americanbicyclegroup.com to access the latest discounted pricing and to set up your order. Pricing and component spec is subject to change.

BASE Performance athletes receive free basic bike service at IRONMAN events.




Base teammates receive:  25% off wetsuits, 20% off swimskins  

Over 30 years ago, Quintana Roo perfected the very first triathlon-specific wetsuit. We’ve come back to our roots with a line of high-performance suits featuring premium materials and innovative technologies to give you the ultimate swim experience.

To achieve the most natural fit and greatest performance, we’ve developed the HYDROseries suits with fewer seams. Why? When premium neoprene is bonded and stitched together, the technological advantages diminish. Our research, development and interaction with top athletes has created the most unique, natural suit design to date.

We’ve strategically placed each seam to mimic the contours of the human anatomy. Intense creation, testing, refinement and passion went into our suits to deliver the most advanced in triathlon.

The HYDROsix and HYDROfive wetsuits redefine performance – and just like the originals, our wetsuits are backed by a 14-day money back guarantee and two-year, no-fault warranty.

You must email Bryanna.Hurley@americanbicyclegroup.com to access the latest discounted pricing and to set up your order. Pricing and component spec is subject to change.


 No matter what your fitness level or activity preference is, Garmin has you covered. Our line of fitness trackers and smartwatches to help you track your activity, then save, plan and share your progress with others. By helping you move a little more each day, you can beat yesterday with the devices that fit your fitness level and preferred sport.

The base team will receive up to 20% off MSRP (IT IS NOT ALWAYS 20% OFF - the bigger items such as watches are usually $100 off. Smaller items are sometimes more than 20%. It varies by product but it is usually around 20 ish %)

You must CLICK THIS LINK AND FILL OUT THIS FORM to set up your purchase.





(NormaTec and Hyperice are now ONE.)

Hyperice is an Inc. 500 global recovery and movement enhancement technology company specializing in vibration, percussion and thermal technology. Hyperice's technology is used by the world's most elite athletes in professional and collegiate training rooms, as well as rehabilitation facilities and fitness facilities globally. Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how to industries such as fitness, esports, healthcare, massage, and workplace wellness. In March 2020, Hyperice acquired NormaTec, innovators of cutting-edge dynamic compression systems, to deliver world-class performance and wellness solutions. For more information, visit www.hyperice.com


BASE Team Members get a special deal.  

You must CLICK THIS LINK AND FILL OUT THIS FORM to set up your purchase.


 NormaTec and Hyperice are now ONE.






For 2021, BASE Team Members will receive 30% off their entire purchase.  Go to https://xlab-usa.com/shop and enter code BP23 at checkout.

Email sales@xlab-usa.com with additional questions.

If you are on The Canadian Base team or a resident in Canada. Please contact Xlab directly to place your orders.  info@xlab-usa.com

We are a family-owned and run company based in northern San Diego County, California. Candice, one of the founder’s daughters, is now the C.E.O, and has been very much involved since the very beginning.

We started the company in 1993 while we ran a large triathlon and road store in Encinitas called NYTRO that we sold in 2007. San Diego is not only regarded as the Mecca of triathlon, but triathlon also started right here in Mission Bay. All products are designed in house using the latest cutting-edge tools including 3D modeling and CFD analysis bringing you the most aerodynamic accessories possible when it comes to hydration & repair storage.


BASE team members will receive 15% off all products on the website for 2020. Pick out your products from https://www.orangemud.com and enter the code OMLOVEBASE at checkout to receive 15% off. 

Email Josh with any questions. josh@orangemud.com 

About Us - What’s in a Name - Orange Mud? We get asked about the company name quite a bit, I guess it is a little different, so here is how the story goes. I've logged countless hours running over the years. The scenery, adventure and calm never gets old, but drinking from random packs, vests, and hydration belts just never felt right. Throughout many of these journeys, I’ve bought and modified all kinds of gear, but the perfect one never appeared. At times I found stashing bottles along the trails to be a decent solution, but have you ever seen a random dog, coyote or odd person on the trail and wonder hmmmm, is my bottle still clean or will it be there on my next loop? 


BASE Team Members will receive 30% off their entire purchase in 2023. Go to https://teamzealios.com and enter code ZupBASE at checkout for the discount.

ZupBASE = 30% off all items on www.teamzealios.com.

Email Stacey with any questions.  stacey@teamzealios.com

Zealios products are made with high-quality & long-lasting ingredients to stand the test of the hottest days, toughest elements, and sweatiest adventures. Stay protected and feel great using zinc based Sun Barrier, all natural Betwixt anti-chafing cream, and sulfate free chlorine-removing shower products. The athletes we protect are the inspiration and driving force behind our existence. www.teamzealios.com




BASE Team Members will receive 50% off their entire purchase the entire year.  Go to https://procompression.com and enter code BP22 at checkout for the discount.

Email Brenda with any questions. Brenda@procompression.com 

Everyone can benefit from stepping into PRO Compression products—because increased circulation is always a good thing. Whatever you do—from standing all day on the job to hoofing across 18 holes, from flying frequently for business to competing in triathlons—our socks and sleeves will help you perform at your peak and feel your very best. Here’s what makes us stand out from the rest.

Along with graduated compression, our socks feature two stabilization zones—so they stay snug and won’t budge while you move. PRO designs also offer comfortable, supportive arch compression, unlike many other socks on the market. But our products aren’t just tight and technical. A proprietary moisture-wicking, poly-nylon fabric makes our gear soft, comfortable, and easy to pull on and off. Plus, our socks feature a roomy toe box, cushioned padding underfoot, and slick yarn along the sole for added comfort and ease.



As promised, here is a simple email that can be shared with your members:


This will incorporate the 40% off BASE2023 offer. 



Irwin wheels: Base team gets 20% Off MSRP


Irwin has been making riders faster since 2014. Refined and validated in the CFD and San Diego Wind Tunnel, we make wheelsets to perform. Aside from wheel design, we use quality parts and hand-built by experienced wheel builders to deliver a quality build. From the unforgiving mountain passes of the Pyrenees to the blistering heat on the roads of Kona, we create a race-proven wheel you can depend on.


Based out of Orange County, California, we are close to all the major triathlon and gravel scenes and can be found riding and testing new trails everywhere. 

You must CLICK THIS LINK AND FILL OUT THIS FORM to set up your purchase.



CLICK THIS EXACT LINK and your order will be discounted by 40% automatically.


Once you submit this form, if your team/vip code is correct we'll create your exclusive account and you may begin shopping.
On your next visit to our site, login to see your discounted prices as you browse our products.







BASE Ambassadors

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with InsideTracker as the Official Personalized Nutrition System of BASE Performance, helping our team achieve their fitness and

wellness goals and do what they love for as long as possible.

InsideTracker analyzes biometric data from blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness trackers to provide the clearest, most holistic picture of what’s going on inside the body. It then delivers customized, science-backed nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations to optimize performance and improve health span.

Exclusive Benefits for BASE Performance Ambassadors:

  • Use code BASEPRO25 for 25% off InsideTracker Plans. Discount cannot be applied to add-on purchases.
  • Download a free copy of 5 Blood Biomarkers Every Athlete Should Know to start learning more about optimizing athletic performance and recovery through blood testing.

Visit InsideTracker.com to learn more and select a plan to get started!

helmets for sport and safetyhelmets for sport and safety