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chuck-omelson_1 Dating back to after I completed an honorable 6 years in the Air Force in August 2006 flying around and seeing the world at such a young age I decided to get out and re explore civilian life. I did a rather gutsy move from the nice and mellow beach life of Charleston, SC back to my home area of St. Louis, MO. I eventually wound up landing a job within Professional Sports working for the St. Louis Blues Hockey team. It was an amazing new chapter in my life, however being very occupied in the corporate world and not flying on planes and not having a mandated workout routine took it's toll on me. Long story short, all of the corporate lunches, client entertaining resulted in me gaining 85 pounds topping out 243LBS. Not fun at all. I was eating horribly and I just fell into a bad lifestyle. To say I felt miserable was a complete understatement. In July of 2009 I was let go from the Blues and turns out I think it could have been the best thing that has happened to me. I refer to it as a lifesaver. chuck-omelson_2 After being let go, I took a couple months off doing practically nothing and then early September 2009 I made the best decision and investment of my life. I decided that I had enough of being fat and out of shape and just being overall unhealthy so I decided that I was going to cash in my savings and focus on loosing the weight and become healthy again. So there I was getting up early working out, re-educating myself on exercising and fitness along with finding healthy recipes and teaching myself to cook. I think that was a pretty scary sight. Yet it was really neat as now I can cook a ton and actually love it. So literally for 11 months that was my job, cooking and eating healthy along with exercise just amounted to the biggest transformation I have ever done in my life. chuck-omelson_3 After the 11 months I did get back into another career and as many of people that hadn't seen me in a while did not recognize myself were absolutely blown away. All of a sudden people really took an interest into what I overcame and how I looked and it felt pretty cool. One thing led to another and all of a sudden I had one heck of a support group. People started suggesting that I take up Triathlons. I thought about it and eventually started training mildly for them and all of a sudden I did my first sprint triathlon in late 2010. I was hooked and like many others I had the 40 hour job and was training about 16-18 hours a week. Great thing of this is, through all of the supplements I have trained with I have recently taken an interest in BASE Performance. I have used some of BASE Performance's products for a while now and one thing that I have noticed is that it doesn't overfill me and I have yet to have to alter any of the servings due to being either bloated or having GI issues.