Ambassador -> David Naelon

_DSC6440 copyDavid Naelon joins us from North Carolina this season and is a member of the REV3 Amateur team. He is an age group athlete in the 40-44 category and a coach with Kingdom Multisport.
As an age-grouper, I understand that this is a hobby. Perspective is needed when engaging in sport that is this self-centered. Triathlon is, “I, I, I…” all the time. My goal for my racing is to make it more than that. To achieve this goal, I annually work with the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research (of ESPN fame).
To help keep God as the central focus for Christian athletes, David regularly works with Multisport Ministries and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endurance team. These organizations dedicate themselves to keeping God as the central focus in the lives of athletes, along with spreading His glory to others who have not yet been touched by Jesus’ grace. Past Race Results: 2012 • Rev3 Knoxville Half Aquabike – 2nd • Langley Pond International Triathlon – 4th • Clemson Sprint Triathlon – 9th • Festival of Flowers Triathlon – 8th • Rev3 Anderson Olympic – 4th • Setup Events South Carolina Triathlon Series – Top 25 • Ironman U.S. Championship NYC - Finisher 2013 Plans: • Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon • Goal of attending 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas