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TomlinsonblogMy name is Gary Tomlinson. I am soon to be 44 year old Regional Sales Manager for a BioTechnology Company and I live in College Station, TX. On September 15, 2007 I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t feel special. I was over weight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. More importantly I was setting a bad example for my loved ones. Today, I am a runner and an Ironman triathlete. Since I began this journey, I have completed two (2) Ironman 140.6 races (PR 10:18:03) five (5) Ironman 70.3 (PR 4:42:17) nine (9) ½ Marathons (PR 1:33) and six (6) Marathons (PR 3:35). My real source for inspiration is Team Tomlinson. This unique team starts with my lovely wife of nearly 13 years, Jill and my two incredible girls, Kayla and Grace. My big race for 2014 is the inaugural Ironman Boulder 140.6. My training is 6 days a week (3 swims, 3 runs and 3 rides a week) and I also try to find time to do some strength training in there as well.
Fortunately or unfortunately I seem to be in the most competitive age group out there for Triathlon, and while I will never be the fastest guy on the race course I do hope to someday qualify for my age group to race in Kona or even the 70.3 World Championships. I am competitive with myself and with others my age so pushing hard is a common theme for me and I am sure that it will pay off in the future. Moving from just running races to Triathlon has been an adventure but I love it and look forward to the races.
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