Ambassador -> Matt Long

matt-longMatt is in his 4th year of doing triathlons. He has been focused mostly on sprints and olympics and has just signed up for his first 70.3 in Miami. Matt is 28 years of age and lives in Denver.
My short term goal is to get better in the swim. I have gotten through the swims in the olympic distance races I have done, but I want to actually have a good swim if I do a 70.3. My long term goal in triathlon is to begin competing in 70.3's, a couple a year and eventually do a full ironman. I started using BASE last year in training and loved the results. I felt better while training, after training, and even during the rest of the day. Before using it I was always tired, and with using the vitamins I had much better energy levels throughout the day. I feel like the combination of BASE products helped me get leaner and stronger. The electrolyte salt helped keep me hydrated properly, and has even helped some with headaches I can get later in the day after really hard exercise.