Brentt Ramharter 

Nickname: Charger

Brentt Ramharter is the 2019 US National 24 hour MTB overall Champion. Brentt enjoys long days in the saddle where he specializes in both 12 & 24 hour MTB events. He has been racing mountain bikes since 2016 and has enjoyed this second round of being a professional athlete! If mountains are covered in dirt or snow Brentt can be found skiing or biking in them! “Hoops and stix are my preferred tools for mountains!”

Brentt grew up in the Rocky Mountains near Missoula, Montana. At the age of 17, Brentt entered his first divisional mogul skiing competition . One year later Brentt beat several US Ski Team members at USA  junior nationals placing in the finals. One more year later Brentt was competing at the National level successfully and beginning what he hoped to be a dominant professional career. Two knee surgeries, two years in a row ended his rapid rise up. Fast forward 19 years and he coaches moguls for the Purgatory Freestyle Ski Team in Durango , CO.

Brentt believes what has allowed his poly-sport success into the age of 40, is always focusing on why something CAN happen!

Brentt graduated from the University of Montana with honors and a degree in exercise science/physiology. Brentt then attended graduate school at Northwestern University’s medical campus in downtown Chicago, Illinois where he earned degrees in both Prosthetics and Orthotics. Since then Brentt has worked in the medical field blueprinting and fabricating Prosthetic and Orthotic designs to uniquely match the needs of people with amputation, deformity, or weakness. He is also founder and president of an online education company for the Orthotic and Prosthetic industry

Outside of sports and career Brentt is a Family man! His Wife Rebecca and 7 year old son Easton are his best friends and they always come first. He says “I gets creative in where and when I workout, coach, and run my business” “working part-time in the medical field has been key in allowing for the epic balance in the life I have found!”