My name is Cyril Russel-Harris, I am a USA Cycling level 3 Coach, TrainingPeaks University certified and completed the Ironman University coaching certification.
Since 2011, I’ve raced 42 triathlons, from 3 Full IM, 20+ Half IM with 70.3 Worlds in Australia, Olympics and Sprints distance. Ultra marathon, half marathons, 10k’s and 5ks. 2019 State Champion in 40K Time Trial multisports.
I own and operate a successful Sports Massage business with 15yrs experience in the industry and have been recognized “Best Sports Massage” in the south region by competitor magazine since 2013 and in local magazine again in 2019. I am very passionate in everything I do and thrive to provide the very best to my clients with consistency and genuine care.
Over the years of training with various coaching styles, I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work for me and why. 
I understand the demand of training on the body but also knows how to read the early signs of injuries and overtraining. My background of treating injured athletes is very rewarding but I want to pass on what I’ve learn and help people achieve their goals injury free.  
My coaching philosophy is to build the training plan that fit into your life and not trying to fit your life into your training schedule. You can’t succeed if you neglect your life balance, I couldn’t do this myself without the support of my husband and successful son going to college at 16yrs old.
I believe in building structured workout session specific to your needs and abilities. Each session has a purpose and is a building block towards your fitness growth. Keeping in mind to optimize the time you have to train and avoiding “junk miles”. 
Let me help you achieve your goals and enjoy the journey!
Coach Cyril