Anatalia Joy (AJ) is a 24-year-old enduro mountain bike rider currently based out of Kansas. Before beginning her cycling career in 2017, she competed as a pole vaulter for Baylor University. After a series of injuries put track on hold, she joined the Baylor Cycling Team, where she found her athletic niche. After racing cross country and short track in the collegiate circuit and qualifying for the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships in 2017, she transitioned into the enduro discipline. In 2019, she won her first professional overall title at the Southern Enduro Tour. 

When she isn’t riding or racing, AJ is likely with family, playing fiddle, or studying, as she is currently working towards med-school. She is happily married to her husband David, and is a dog mama to their lab-mix, Max. She lives for adventure and bringing smiles to the faces around her. Her ‘why’ behind all that she does is because of the hope she has in Christ. Her life verse, Matthew 5:16, is displayed on the sleeve of her jersey to remind her why she does what she does.

AJ’s go-to Base products are strawberry-kiwi hydro, strawberry amino, strawberry-creme gel, and of course, Base electrolyte salt. This combination of supplements gives her the edge she craves when she’s out on the trails.