My journey to triathlon began when I was 32 years old. I had spent my childhood getting into trouble so I had been sent to live with my grandparents. My grandfather encouraged me to channel my energy and frustrations in sporting activities in high school. I played football, basketball, and I ran cross country. I fell in love with running, and not before long I was completing at Rend Lake College and SIU-C. I was offered a scholarship at Rend Lake College and then  Southern Illinois University to run on their track team. I was a 9 time All-American and 3 time national champ while attending Rend Lake College. 

In 2012, I was volunteered to participate at Hy-Vee Triathlon. I had never swam competitively before, and had no experience in open water swimming. I borrowed a friend's road bike for the triathlon. I ended up winning my age group, and the rest is history. From then on, I spent all of my time and energy training for races when I wasn't working. I have competed in Dubai, Germany, La Croix, Hawaii, and all over the continental US. 

Currently I have switched over to duathlons for the 2019 season. I still plan on doing a couple 70.3 this season. My goal is to compete at the Powerman world duathlon championships in Switzerland in September.
Base Performance has given me the best nutrition to get through those tough workout sessions and to perform my best on race day. Every morning starts with Base multivitamin, Base Red, Base Lean and Base Probiotic. During my workouts I take Base Red and my Rocket fuel is 4 scoops of Hydro watermelon, 2 scoops of Amino and 3-4 little scoops of salt. Snack time I have a Base bar or two😁