~*Learning From Mistakes by Lauren Brandon*~

We all make mistakes in training and racing, but we can certainly learn from them. Maybe you did too much in training and you ended up getting injured. Or perhaps you made a nutrition mistake during your race and ended up running low on fuel by the end of your day. These are all common mistakes that most of us experience at some point, but it’s how we learn and change in the future that can make these opportunities for growth and development.


The Ironman World Championship is one of the most important days of competition in the world of triathlon. Over 2500 people race and I am sure a lot of mistakes are made. I unfortunately made some mistakes that negatively impacted my day and I will definitely never do these again. First of all, when I built my bike post travel, I put my seat too high. All week long I thought that my hip flexor and hamstring were bothering me because of the car seat angle of my rental car, but when my husband examined my bike after the race, I had put my seat too high. A few mm might not seem like a lot, but over 5 hours of riding hard it can not make things feel great. Mistake number one that I will not make again.


Mistake number two was I missed my T1 bag. Upon exiting the water, I ran right past my T1 bag and had absolutely no idea where it was. Nothing like running around like a chicken with its head cut off on camera. Ha! While this ended up not impacting my race too much, it could have made a huge difference. Not ideal and I will always be triple checking where my transition bags are!

It would have been easy to get upset or pissed off, but we all make mistakes. I have learned a couple of important lessons from this past Ironman and will always be trying to improve.

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