BASE Performance is Official Sponsor of Crush Multisport

BASE Performance, creator and distributor of premiere supplements for endurance athletes, announced it is an official sponsor of Crush Multisport. At Crush we endeavor to tear down the walls segregating the Endurance Sports community. Whether it is a division between disciplines, roles, or organizations, the Crush Multisport Endurance Sports Social Club and Open Affiliate program is a hub and spoke system designed to close these gaps, delivering athletes and the sporting community a complete program that addresses every aspect of our lifestyle.  3 CORE FOUNDATION PRINCIPALS: 1. Committed to furthering the sport through continued education, Crush will uphold the ethics, integrity, development, and progress of endurance sport by delivering a program that is constantly evolving and driven by the voices, interests, and desires of our athletes. 2. Only make decisions and take actions in which the safety of all persons, quality of the experience, and fairness of our sport is upheld. 3. Promote and maintain balance within the sporting community by seeking partnerships that share the vision of Crush Multisport’s Core Principles.
 The result is a club and race series focused on education, communication, camaraderie, positive growth, and development of our sport at every level.

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