Real Benefits, Customer Ryan Doyle Testimonial

We just had the pleasure of connecting with another one of our customers, Ryan Doyle. He offered this about his experience with BASE Performance: The training has been going well.
Had a solid effort at Wildflower two weeks ago, with a huge PR. The BASE Amino has treated me very well leading up to the race. Recovery was consistently smooth! Lactic acid fatigue was contained to a minimum and I was ready for the next training session the following day. There was a period of 2-3 weeks where I was without BASE in the middle of my training block, and I noticed a considerable difference in my next-day fatigue and energy. So, I hopped right back on.
This is a typical result of using our products. Often customers and professionals using our product will notice improved recovery and performance but don't necessarily attribute it to the benefits of taking our protocol of products until they stop and notice fatigue creeping in and lack luster workouts. This speaks to the importance of maintaining an adequate intake of Amino's and the importance of not just proper fueling and nutrition but supplementation specifically for aiding recovery.

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