The 2022 BASE Winter Swim Challenge is here. We will begin this challenge the first week of January and it will continue until the last week of February. The challenge is 8 weeks long. The challenge is for you to increase your hours in the pool by one hour each week.  Meaning:
  • Week 1 - Swim 1 Hour
  • Week 2 - Swim 2 Hours
  • Week 3 - Swim 3 Hours
  • Week 4 - Swim 4 Hours
  • Week 5 - Swim 5 Hours
  • Week 6 - Swim 6 Hours
  • Week 7 - Swim 7 Hours
  • Week 8 - Swim 8 Hours

The goal is Quantity of Hours. This is the time of year that we need to focus on our weaknesses, and for many of us, the swim is our achilles heal. So with this, now is your opportunity to focus on your swim for 8 weeks.  The 8th week will be hard for sure.

On the Sunday evening before each week Matt will email everyone a corresponding workout (s) for the week. You can follow along or you can swim with your local team, but the point is to focus on the time in the pool.  

Currently Magic 5 goggles has agreed to sponsor this.

We need for you to take 2 test swims prior to starting, or within week 1 of the challenge.  A 100 Free for time all out, and a 1,000 Yard Free for Time.  This will give us our Baseline for improvement, and when we hit week 9, we will all do the test again to see how much you improved.


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  • Erika Maier

    I am so excited to be a part of BASE and plan to attend both Florida camps with Jan and also the Colorado camp. I hope we can do a Thursday night social thing in our area in Florida. Also I don’t have any Garmin watches or computers, what would you recommend? I am brand new to BASE but already loving it and telling everyone I know. My husband is so intrigued he might apply to joint he team. He is 61 years old and rode over 1500 miles last year. We are currently at our farm in Michigan, the outside temp is 19 and rodes are icy, but I will be running and biking today, hopefully! BASE rocks!!!!! Can’t wait for my BASE gear!!!

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