No Perfect People Allowed

No Perfect People Allowed

Everyone Asks... So what is it about BASE???
Bret Hooppaw states it best here:
Why this team:
I have been asked a lot lately about why am I on a team, and what are the benefits? Why THIS team??
It's not that hard. Team is what I do for a living. I have spent over 4 decades developing people to appreciate the benefits OF team. Watching success coming from a simple, but effective belief that we are stronger together, and achieve more.

Why THIS team?
Team is not JUST an idea. It is a feeling. It's acceptance on a level that those who choose not to understand, never will. Knowing that someone is not only there to pick you up, but actually understands where you are without explanation.
I have teammates that I have only met through the ups and downs of the triathlon season... and yet, when together, there is no judgement, no expectation except that of passion, and excitement of the next event.
I am not the fast guy... I do not only live for a race... I do not have the most expensive gear.
What I have, is a family... I have a Team.
BASE is successful because of it's team. It's team of athletes. It's team of volunteers. It's team of pros. Each and every one of them carries the mantra of Athlete First. This mantra has been instilled from top down. We wanted to make sure that since the beginning (2014) all athletes out on course would feel the BASE Love. No matter what team. No matter what kit. No matter how fast or how slow. All athletes out on that run course will always receive VIP treatment from BASE. We are all equal when we are out there racing.
We hope to see you out on that course soon
The BASE team is a family first. None of us are perfect. Most of us are back of the packers. Most of us will never take an award home. All of us are just happy to be out there on the course.
But why the BASE?
From the very first time BASE ever stood on the side of a run course with Tic Tac Containers filled with BASE - IM CDA 2014
To being all alone at Ironman Wisconsin with nothing but a cardboard box in 2014
To helping athletes during IM Couer d'Flame in 2015
We will sit on the side of the course with you until help arrives
And on the side of the course in freezing rain and hail IMAZ 2015
We will be there for you during the 106 degree day in Chattanooga 2016
At Ironman Maryland in 2016, the floods rolled in. We put on our galloshes, and we stood out there all day for the athletes. Even when the water was knee high.
Or, when a hurricane comes in to North Carolina in 2016 and wipes out 50 miles of the bike course, many first time Ironman Athletes were at risk of not going the full 140.6 miles. So, BASE brought in 100 trainers and stuck around after the race so these athletes could finish their run and then hop back on their bikes to ride the full 112 miles.
We brought the fun during the heat of Ironman Boulder 2018
We will be out there for you in the freezing cold of Ironman Louisville 2018
And we will continue to be by the athletes side in the pouring down rain this past weekend at Ironman Florida. Ironman was short on Aid Station volunteers, so at 7:00 PM when a thousand athletes were still on course and all of the Aid Station Volunteers left, the BASE team took over an aid station, served gatorade, and made sure the athletes were taken care of.
So are you still asking yourself why the BASE Team?? The BASE Team is always there for you. No matter what. Every Single Ironman in the US since June of 2014. And in 2019, all of Canada is getting added to the list.
Rain can't stop us from stepping up and being there for the athletes
Hail can't stop us from stepping up and being there for the athletes
Extreme heat can't stop us from stepping up and being there for the athletes
We are there for the athletes. Every Single Time you set out for the run course.
We make it fun. We make it entertaining. And we always have your back.
Last but not least. We are everywhere. Team members are spread out from coast to coast.


  • Corey Arballo

    I would love to be apart of this team for the 2022 race season! Love the your mission statement. Love to sport your colors for the season!

  • Maria Angela Galleguillo

    I wanna join the team

  • cheryl

    Your team looks like so much fun…reminds me of my work “peeps”- always there for each other! <3

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