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BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery

The Art of Recovery

It’s that time of year again. Spring is happening everywhere. And with spring comes better weather and the itch to get outside to ride or run long miles. It’s also race season. Time to plan your race and race your plan. A lot of people think going hard and training 7 days a week is a sure fire way to success. But that really isn’t the case. What is the least thought of aspect of training? You might be surprised (or not) to find that it is recovery.

Recovery is a cornerstone to any good training plan. Without it, athletes would just run their bodies to the ground. Injuries would be rampant. Focus would be lost. Motivation would be lacking. It might seem counterproductive to the beginner athlete, but proper recovery will actually improve your race times and get you to that goal. Let’s break down what recovery means and what happens during that time.

To begin with, recovery is not the same for every athlete. Someone training for a 5K will have a shorter recovery times than someone training for an Ironman. Every training session an athlete has results in the breaking down of muscle fibers. It is during recovery that these small muscle tears repair themselves and grow bigger and stronger. In addition, there are various types of recovery. Active
recovery could be a 15-20 minute walk in the afternoon after your long run on Sunday morning. Long term recovery is built into your workout plan. For example, you might do a build for 4 weeks during
Ironman training but then do a recovery week where your training load is significantly less. Passive recovery are days where you literally do nothing except maybe take a nap on the couch while golf is playing in the background.

Keep in mind that recovery is not just about sleeping. An example: you go for a tempo run for about 3-4 miles. You feel good, had a great workout. At the end of the workout, you should take some time to
stretch and ease your body into the “rest and digest” mode or your parasympathetic systems. Doing some long, easy stretches and
possibly lying in shivasana (or corpse pose, literally the best yoga pose ever) for 5 minutes will give your body the cues it needs to start to calm down.

An often overlooked aspect of recovery are your nutritional needs. Keep in mind that when you increase your training load, your nutritional needs also increase. Consuming the right foods after workouts helps speed the recovery process. Downing a dozen cookies and a glass of milk might seem like a good idea if you feel you are crashing after a long run or ride, but there are better options. Maybe step away from the Chips Ahoy and try some greek yogurt with granola and berries or
throw on some chocolate chips for that cookie fix. Or use some BASE greens and make yourself a smoothie!

It is also imperative that you listen to your body. Not the “oh I don’t feel like running today” voice in your head that will derail you from your goals. Watch for signs of over training and needing an actual rest day. Some of the those sign are: feelings of fatigue beyond normal tiredness, lack of motivation or desire for your chosen sport, decrease in performance, elevated heart rate during the night, general aches and pains. When these symptoms hit, it’s time to take a rest day.

Remember that rest makes you stronger. It will help you maximize your fitness and athletic goals. It rejuvenates your cardiovascular and muscular systems to take on more load. It also prevents burnout. So take that nap. Try implementing a yin yoga class into your training weeks. Or maybe even take a leisurely bike ride with your kids or spouse. Your body, and your training, will thank you.



Angie May, 51
Tampa, FL
2nd year member
I was hesitant to attend camp my first year. I did not know anyone going and was not sure it would be a fit for me. I am so glad I took the plunge and joined in on all the fun. I have met so many lifelong friends and shared some great memories. Training sessions are not competitive, everyone is accepted and we have a blast. I now look forward to camp each year and would not miss it. 
Jacob Goldberg 27
New York City, NY 
1ST Year Team Member
As someone who got to see from an outside perspective, what goes on at Base Camp and what all the hype is about, I can  sincerely attest and humbly say, that Base Camp truly was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. Of course the athletics and the activities were great, fully-staffed and coached, and full of valuable training lesions, but what was more fascinating, were the positive energy, comradery, and safe environment that never subsided one moment during that week. During Base Camp, time is blurred and you’re surrounded with countless other athletes of all levels of athletic ability, from novice to pro, and when you think you’ll have a moment to rest after a workout, you’re onto a really fun group activity. Matt Miller very successfully–within the first few hours even–fosters a family-feel so that EVERYONE is included. I didn’t know a single person beyond Miller when I arrived, and within the first few hours, I had people joking with me and asking about my life story and background in triathlon. Fast forward to the pandemic, these have been the friends I called to check in on and who checked in on me, these are the pals I miss seeing, and this is the new family that so kindly welcomed me in and that I’m grateful to call my own.

Steve Holmes - 41

Port Charlotte, FL. 

Third year team member.

BASE Camp is an event I look forward to every year.  It is a time to reunite with friends from across the country, and share time together doing the sport we love.  BASE is an all-inclusive team, and camp is the same way.  Everyone is very warm and welcoming.  There is a pace for everyone, party at the back, and we all have a great time.  We are not all work and no play though.  We have plenty of down time for recovery, drinks, and shenanigans.  BASE Camp really offers something for every athlete.

David Gehlen 
Age 51
Wichita, KS
3rd Year Team Member
What can I say, Holly talked me into it, I went into this not to sure about going, not crazy about staying in a Team House, but got signed up to go experience Base Camp. Well..... what a great experience! So glad we stayed in a Team House (House 3!), I mean Pro's stayed in our house, got to know Danielle and Andrew, Teresa, Margi, and Kathy, lots of conversations, lots of laughs. Workouts to the socials (bowling was awesome), it was great time. Definitely signing up for the next Base Camp Florida!
Name: Jay Weber
City: Boulder, CO
Year: 5
BASE Camp is where you get to meet teammates from all over the world. Matt Miller coordinates team housing and great workouts for levels of all abilities. It’s inclusive for everyone ranging from a new athletes to a pro athlete looking for early season fitness. Lifelong friends are made here!
Kristin Wowak
Year One Member
I went into Base Camp 2020 as a member of the team for only a couple of months. Once I found out that it was for all levels and that rental bikes were available (as I do not fly with my bikes) I signed up for camp and added myself to a random team house (that we ended up not staying in due to plumbing leak right before we were due to arrive) when they became available. 
I was super nervous once it actually came time to check in at camp as I knew not a single person (other than via the FB group). But everyone was welcoming and made me feel part of the family. 
Day one it was super cold for Florida, read we were all in hoodies and sweatpants and puffy jackets. We showed up at the pool and the first workout was a run, and I no longer run as I have zero enjoyment in it and I was just going to hang back in the parking lot while everyone ran but I was encouraged to walk with others. I wasn’t planning on that but I ended up walking over a mile in my oofos flip flops. Then we got in the pool and swam. Then had lunch and a short bike ride after. The bike ride was no one was left behind which was nice since we were NOT in the flat part of FL and I was on a rental bike and didn’t have enough gears to climb efficiently. But no one was left behind. 
Day two we swam and then biked. I wasn’t up for a long ride on the rental bike and I wanted to attempt Sugarloaf Mtn so I drove there and my proudest point in camp was climbing that darned hill twice all the way with zero walking on a rental bike without my gearing I am used to for climbing hills. And of course the tacos at the top!!!!
Saturday was a long ride that I just wasn’t up for on the rental bike, but there was not one person who made me feel bad for not doing the ride. 
Everyone was welcoming and supportive of the workouts your chose to do or not do. Everyone can do this camp. Even newbies who know not a soul. 
Matt May and I live in Covington La. I think I’m year 8 on the team. BASE camp is amazing! The people make this team a family. A bit of training and a lot of fun!! Nothing but encouragement from the coaches! It is the ability to meet members from all over and have an almost instant connection!  
 I can’t wait until next year! Hopefully covid allows it to happen
My name is Ellen Bor and I'm a second year BASE ambassador from Pompano Beach Florida. I am 65 years old and have been racing triathlon since 2014.
I chose this photo of me and my housemates at BASE CAMP 2020. I have shared two houses (two camps) so far and I have met amazing, warm and kind people, most of whom I hadn't ever met and who are scattered all over the U.S.
What I love about camp is the family friendly atmosphere. Riding in the hills, swimming in the beautiful pool, sharing meals and activities with new friends.  In addition, the coaching staff are extremely supportive and want you to succeed. 
I also enjoy the partner presentations, and spending a few special days with you, Lauralee and the children.
BASE Camp is truly a highlight and a rewarding experience for BASE Ambassadors.
Collin Smith... coach/camper
5th year team member 
34 years old
Punta Gorda, FL
Base performance camp is like none other. Coming from another sport I can tell as a coach or athlete no greater fun and training to be had than with Base in Clermont, FL. Fun morning swim sessions, excellent guided bike routes and fun runs especially on the famous Clermont Clay loop all while having some fun in the son and getting to know the team, coaches some vendors and professionals. I have been to 4 camps with Base, 3 as an athlete and 1 as a Coach, I can’t imagine ever missing another one.
Hi !!! 
I can’t wait to go the camp 
Ceci Johnson 
51 years old I live in Forsyth GA
This is my 4th year
The training camp was awesome, it was one of the Most rewarding experience of my life . The Opportunity to meet others teammates and make with them a great memories . t was an absolute pleasure spending the  training camp with Base team and I look forward to spending more time in the future .Base make the incredible job putting together this camp for more than 50 people that turn into a big family 
Meghan Neumann, age 41, 5th year on team...hails from Waynesboro, PA. 
So...this picture was taken on day one of camp 2019. The smile hides a LOT of pain from home...I had been fired (less than 7 days before) from a job I loved for no reason and was really struggling. Coming to camp was almost a non-starter, until my mom told me to’ll be good for ya...I got to spend the week with my Base family and my biological brother who had never done a triathlon at that point. Camp was a chance to escape the reality of my sadness and the horrible circumstances surrounding my job loss.  The Base family surrounded me, loved me, cheered me on and supported me with hugs and encouragement, many of whom I was meeting  for the first time that week. We come as strangers and leave as family. Base camp is my FAVORITE week of the year, and I wait for it like a kid waits for Santa. 
Kevin Rens 
Boulder, CO
2nd Year on Team
Camp was freaking awesome. I was nervous going into it as this is not normally my thing, but the team was incredibly welcoming and I had such a great time.
Hi Matt, this is my favorite picture from camp and it was taken on one of the last days.  I had traveled from New York and when I got to camp, I got sick and wasn’t feeling well for the first few days but I wasn’t outgoing and just felt like I had a rough start. I am good having a super experience and ended up meeting some amazing, supportive people who helped me in so many ways.  
Camp was great. Thank you for putting it together and bringing me to these amazing people :-)
Columbus OH
4th year team member
Sandra Andrade-Hoblinski 
Westchester, IL
4th year
Base Camp Florida... well what can I say. It was my first one and I was terrified. I didn’t know anyone and was in a house with a bunch of strangers. Well these strangers have become my family. Actually ALL of Base is my family. But the girls at our house were so supportive of me and my freak outs on the rides. I had a blast from the minute I got there and didn’t want it to end. I learned so much from all the coaches and teammates. It really showed me why I belong with this team. It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest runner biker or swimmer. There was always someone there to help you along.  Even after it was over I knew I can lean on the team with any obstacles I encountered during my training or personal life. Base is my family and I love them all

Karen Salmon - 38
Atlanta, GA
3rd Year Rocks ... Even in 2020!!!
Are you ready to meet your triathlon soulmates!?! Brace yourself to laugh all day through your workouts, and geek out all night on all things tri in your teammate camp house!! The backdrop of Clermont, FL leaves nothing to be desired for triathletes. The pool will have you gasping, the rides on the greenway are perfect for photo ops, and runs on the top of the only FL mountain...well let’s just say they leave you sprinting back to the taco truck! Florida camp is where you find your triathlon family, if you’ve been lost or racing alone look no further...Base is the place!
Christopher Dirkes
Age: 31
Minneapolis, MN
2nd Year Team Member
Somehow Base Camp 2020 was more fun than I was expecting and I was expecting a lot even though I had never met any of the team prior to camp.  The social events were a blast, especially bowling, but the workouts were incredible.  Coming from MN I don't get the opportunity to swim in an outdoor lap pool very often! My favorite day was getting Taco Bell from the Live Mas! taco truck after an extremely fun bike/run workout - Hill repeats up Sugarloaf with a 1 mile run in between each hill! Loved it!

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