Your Salt Questions Answered

BP_SaltQuestionsAnswered We hear the same things, and get the same few questions all the time from athletes at expos, online, and at different races and events around the country. Lucky for you, we are not going to bore you with marketing jargon and spin. Instead we are going to use a medical professional to answer these questions. Susie Kelly is a Nurse Practitioner and triathlete who has competed over all distances, and has done quite well. She is also a great fountain of information and has written a number of posts about the importance of Salt Supplementation in sports. So lets get on with the questions... Watch a video that demonstrates how to take in BASE Electrolyte Salts, and why it is different. Watch Video By Clicking Here "Why is your BASE Salt better than the others that are out there?" BASE is Better "I am already taking in an electrolyte drink, do I really need more?" BASE is Better "I don't like sports drinks, and I only use water when racing and training." Exercise Associated Hyponatremia "Do you really think I need more salt? Don't I get enough from my regular diet?" Low Down on Low Sodium "Sounds good, but I don't want to do anything new on race day?" Raleigh 70.3 - The Great Salt Surrender From professionals, to experienced age groupers, to the new participant, it is amazing meeting athletes at the various events around the country and hearing their stories. Our number one goal is to provide you with the means to achieve your dreams while keeping your body healthy along the way.

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