Why use BASE Amino?

Amino acids are perhaps the most under-recognized nutrition tool for athletes. Sure, plenty of athletes understand the benefit of consuming protein after a workout. However, taking free-form amino acids during your training and racing will launch you to the next level. Here's how. After your body burns through available sugar and cannot break down fat tissue fast enough to keep up, it begins to cannibalize muscle to release amino acids as a fuel source. While certainly not nearly as efficient as sugar, your body will use amino acids during prolonged and/or intense exercise to keep itself running. Providing an amino acid source mitigates this muscle destruction, which keeps you going harder for longer. Additionally, it reduces muscle fatigue and soreness and reduces recovery time. Particularly for athletes that train nearly every day--sometimes more than once daily--regularly using an amino acid supplement will greatly reduce the fatigue you carry into your next workout, enabling you to train harder and, consequently, perform better on race day. As a recovery source, BASE Amino is excellent. Whereas a complete protein will take 1-2 hours to digest, BASE Amino will absorb instantly, providing the building blocks your body needs to repair and recover during those first vital 15-20 minutes post-workout. What makes BASE Amino different? It contains a proprietary blend of all three Branched Chain Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) plus eight additional Amino Acids in a formula that's specifically formulated to synergistically enhance the effect of them all. While certain amino acids will actually negate the effect of others, BASE Performance is designed to bring out your absolute best. To benefit most from BASE Amino, begin with a "loading phase" during which you take at least two scoops daily for two weeks. One scoop either in the morning or at bedtime and at least one during your workout. Thereafter take at least one scoop daily to maintain the benefit. Remember, though, that your body utilizes amino acids as it recovers. So take BASE Amino every day. Even on "rest" days (your body will still be working hard, though). Still not convinced? Go ahead and try it. If you're not satisfied after taking BASE Amino for two weeks consistently, send it back to us for a full refund. amino

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