BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery

The Art of Recovery

It’s that time of year again. Spring is happening everywhere. And with spring comes better weather and the itch to get outside to ride or run long miles. It’s also race season. Time to plan your race and race your plan. A lot of people think going hard and training 7 days a week is a sure fire way to success. But that really isn’t the case. What is the least thought of aspect of training? You might be surprised (or not) to find that it is recovery.

Recovery is a cornerstone to any good training plan. Without it, athletes would just run their bodies to the ground. Injuries would be rampant. Focus would be lost. Motivation would be lacking. It might seem counterproductive to the beginner athlete, but proper recovery will actually improve your race times and get you to that goal. Let’s break down what recovery means and what happens during that time.

To begin with, recovery is not the same for every athlete. Someone training for a 5K will have a shorter recovery times than someone training for an Ironman. Every training session an athlete has results in the breaking down of muscle fibers. It is during recovery that these small muscle tears repair themselves and grow bigger and stronger. In addition, there are various types of recovery. Active
recovery could be a 15-20 minute walk in the afternoon after your long run on Sunday morning. Long term recovery is built into your workout plan. For example, you might do a build for 4 weeks during
Ironman training but then do a recovery week where your training load is significantly less. Passive recovery are days where you literally do nothing except maybe take a nap on the couch while golf is playing in the background.

Keep in mind that recovery is not just about sleeping. An example: you go for a tempo run for about 3-4 miles. You feel good, had a great workout. At the end of the workout, you should take some time to
stretch and ease your body into the “rest and digest” mode or your parasympathetic systems. Doing some long, easy stretches and
possibly lying in shivasana (or corpse pose, literally the best yoga pose ever) for 5 minutes will give your body the cues it needs to start to calm down.

An often overlooked aspect of recovery are your nutritional needs. Keep in mind that when you increase your training load, your nutritional needs also increase. Consuming the right foods after workouts helps speed the recovery process. Downing a dozen cookies and a glass of milk might seem like a good idea if you feel you are crashing after a long run or ride, but there are better options. Maybe step away from the Chips Ahoy and try some greek yogurt with granola and berries or
throw on some chocolate chips for that cookie fix. Or use some BASE greens and make yourself a smoothie!

It is also imperative that you listen to your body. Not the “oh I don’t feel like running today” voice in your head that will derail you from your goals. Watch for signs of over training and needing an actual rest day. Some of the those sign are: feelings of fatigue beyond normal tiredness, lack of motivation or desire for your chosen sport, decrease in performance, elevated heart rate during the night, general aches and pains. When these symptoms hit, it’s time to take a rest day.

Remember that rest makes you stronger. It will help you maximize your fitness and athletic goals. It rejuvenates your cardiovascular and muscular systems to take on more load. It also prevents burnout. So take that nap. Try implementing a yin yoga class into your training weeks. Or maybe even take a leisurely bike ride with your kids or spouse. Your body, and your training, will thank you.


Hi Friends

Let me share with you what is going on in the overseas supply chain debacle of 2021.

I wanted to send out another quick status update so you are in the loop with what we are dealing with. As I mentioned before, this is a worldwide global crisis that is affecting all industries. I provided some links below where you can see how this is affecting NIKE, ADIDAS, Home Depot, Car Manufacturers, and even Chewy dog food. I know I sound like a broken record, and I can’t apologize and say I am sorry enough, but this has just been awful. I personally hate it and I am very sorry. We are no NIKE – heck – NIKE is the largest in the world and they are having issues. What all of us are currently dealing with is unprecedented. I truly appreciate those of you who have been understanding. 98% of you have been amazing. We have received some pretty nasty emails, which I understand. And we are sorry. We definitely did not see this coming 6 months ago and think it was going to be this bad.  Below are some links for reference as to what our industry and other industries are going through.

Here are a couple things to PLEASE take note of. These issues are NOT going away anytime within the next 12 months. The bottleneck that we are experiencing today is from the factory shutdowns overseas that were occurring from November of 2019 until about May of 2020. North America was just starting to see COVID and the shutdowns at this time, while the rest of the world was on pause. And once the rest of the world tried to start up again the bottleneck occurred.  And caught up to all of us this past spring and summer. But now we have the Delta variant and these other countries such as Vietnam and China are just getting ravaged. The USA has the most vaccinated individuals of any country in the world and look how bad the Delta Variant is taking hold of our country. China and Vietnam are at a fraction of where the US is with regards to vaccines, so their solution is to just shut the countries down for 45 – 75 days and ride it out. This is good for them when they battle COVID, but it is going to create an incredible ripple affect over the next 12 months. So my opinion, please be ready.

Just last week Lauralee (my wife) sent me to the grocery store in order to purchase some Toddler formula for Scout, our 12 month old daughter. Now we are not talking about Special Sugar Free Formula with Beet root extract or anything. Just run of the mill formula. So I went to Albertson's first.  Zero formula on the shelf. So I drove over to CVS.  Again. Zero formula. So I asked. The manager stated the distribution center was out due to COVID. So then I drove to Target and they had ONE. Literally, ONE on the shelf.  So I bought it.  And every trip no matter what to the store, I buy as many as they have.

Here are some pics from my most recent visit to Walgreens. Again I asked the manager and he said supplies are incredibly scarce right now and they are having difficult times ordering enough items for their shelfs. This is Walgreens.  Not Bob's Corner Pharmacy.

On the bright side – the Delta variant has made its pass-through China and that country is opening up and they are eager to get going. The factories have put protocols in place and manufacturing is picking up. We are being told that over the next few months they can kits in 6-7 weeks after we place our order. I don’t think this same timeline will stick around in Q1 of 2022, but it’s a start and it’s a light at the end of a very long tunnel

In closing. Thank you again for your support. Thank you for your patience. We thought 2020 sucked and couldn’t get any worse until 2021 reared its ugly head. Now I can’t wait for this year to just end.

Good luck with the rest of your year. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me or call me on my cell phone. I’d be honored to chat with you about this or anything else.


Matt Miller





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