Join us over the next 12 weeks as we train together and have fun together and try to get ready for a half marathon on the weekend of December 5th and 6th. Many of us will be racing the Challenge Daytona Middle Distance Triathlon, so we will complete the 13.1 mile there. But many of us still need a carrot to chase and keep us motivated.
Me personally, I need that event. And if I can focus on my running for the next 12 weeks, and run a half marathon in December, it will help me keep my weight down during the winter and holidays.
Below is a video we made of our BASE Virtual Duathlon in August.
In order to stay motivated along the way, with your registration you will be able to join us for 3 virtual events leading up to the final half marathon. A 5k, a 10k, and a 10 miler.  After we receive your registration we will begin to email you each Sunday and you will receive a 12 week Half Marathon prep training plan. We will send emails out to everyone each Sunday with a 2 week plan for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
We will be doing our results through so that you can post pictures, see a map of where everyone is located, and have some fun.  Much better than the active results we had last time.
To keep everyone motivated we have created a BASE Run Specific Facebook group. Once we receive your registration you will be invited to join this group for daily motivation and fun.
As a win win, some of our partners have chipped in to provide extra motivation. As a participant, if you complete all 4 events, your name will go into a drawing. 1 person will win each of the below prizes. 


The cost to participate in this 12 week program is only $59. You will receive the 12 week training program, the 4 virtual runs, the facebook group, a final t shirt and medal.

The first 5K will be held in conjunction with the Big Waves 5K -
The virtual 10K will be held October 10 - 18
The virtual 10 miler will be held November 7-15
The final Half Marathon will be held December 5 - 13



  • Gina

    Where do we submit our times?

  • Stacey Underwood

    Ellen, I will be there at Clay Loop! :-)

  • Matthew Miller

    Ellen. Totally ok

  • Sara Nunez

    Matt – you had Paul and I at “virtual” and “I need a reason to train”. We just both signed up. Excited to have something to focus on and to virtually be part of Base! Love you guys!

  • Ellen Bor

    im thinking of doing the 10 mi at the Clay loop 15K in Clermont (NOV1). Is it ok to adjust our event dates for this program?

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