BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery BASE Performance - The Art of Recovery

The Art of Recovery

It’s that time of year again. Spring is happening everywhere. And with spring comes better weather and the itch to get outside to ride or run long miles. It’s also race season. Time to plan your race and race your plan. A lot of people think going hard and training 7 days a week is a sure fire way to success. But that really isn’t the case. What is the least thought of aspect of training? You might be surprised (or not) to find that it is recovery.

Recovery is a cornerstone to any good training plan. Without it, athletes would just run their bodies to the ground. Injuries would be rampant. Focus would be lost. Motivation would be lacking. It might seem counterproductive to the beginner athlete, but proper recovery will actually improve your race times and get you to that goal. Let’s break down what recovery means and what happens during that time.

To begin with, recovery is not the same for every athlete. Someone training for a 5K will have a shorter recovery times than someone training for an Ironman. Every training session an athlete has results in the breaking down of muscle fibers. It is during recovery that these small muscle tears repair themselves and grow bigger and stronger. In addition, there are various types of recovery. Active
recovery could be a 15-20 minute walk in the afternoon after your long run on Sunday morning. Long term recovery is built into your workout plan. For example, you might do a build for 4 weeks during
Ironman training but then do a recovery week where your training load is significantly less. Passive recovery are days where you literally do nothing except maybe take a nap on the couch while golf is playing in the background.

Keep in mind that recovery is not just about sleeping. An example: you go for a tempo run for about 3-4 miles. You feel good, had a great workout. At the end of the workout, you should take some time to
stretch and ease your body into the “rest and digest” mode or your parasympathetic systems. Doing some long, easy stretches and
possibly lying in shivasana (or corpse pose, literally the best yoga pose ever) for 5 minutes will give your body the cues it needs to start to calm down.

An often overlooked aspect of recovery are your nutritional needs. Keep in mind that when you increase your training load, your nutritional needs also increase. Consuming the right foods after workouts helps speed the recovery process. Downing a dozen cookies and a glass of milk might seem like a good idea if you feel you are crashing after a long run or ride, but there are better options. Maybe step away from the Chips Ahoy and try some greek yogurt with granola and berries or
throw on some chocolate chips for that cookie fix. Or use some BASE greens and make yourself a smoothie!

It is also imperative that you listen to your body. Not the “oh I don’t feel like running today” voice in your head that will derail you from your goals. Watch for signs of over training and needing an actual rest day. Some of the those sign are: feelings of fatigue beyond normal tiredness, lack of motivation or desire for your chosen sport, decrease in performance, elevated heart rate during the night, general aches and pains. When these symptoms hit, it’s time to take a rest day.

Remember that rest makes you stronger. It will help you maximize your fitness and athletic goals. It rejuvenates your cardiovascular and muscular systems to take on more load. It also prevents burnout. So take that nap. Try implementing a yin yoga class into your training weeks. Or maybe even take a leisurely bike ride with your kids or spouse. Your body, and your training, will thank you.


Send an email to: if you would like to join the team

Would you like to be part of something that is bigger than just yourself?

Do you want to be part of a team where "No Perfect People Are Allowed" - read the blog

Would you like to socialize with and ask questions of a group and feel welcome in all respects? Never judged?

Would you like to be part of a growing family of athletes who are never the fastest, but enjoy life to the fullest while simultaneously holding down full time jobs and raising families?

If you like to ride your bike up a hill, then run on top of the hill, then eat a taco on top of the hill, then ride your bike back down the hill, this family is for you. (True story - come to camp)

BASE will have different options for everyone. You will still be part of the main team, you will just also be part of the individual teams below. 

  • Triathlon Team
  • Cycle / Gravel Team
  • Canada Team
  • Run Team
  • Adaptive Team
  • Youth Team
  • Ambassador team - this team is set up for those of you who are on another team but would like to see what BASE is all about

It's no secret that 2020 was a difficult year. For all of us. But our team was able to keep each other motivated, positive, and share the love. In these trying times of the year, we continue with our Team Mantra, "What's Your B?"  What this means is each day you can wake up and B anything. B positive. B a jerk. B Kind. B inspirational. It's your choice. This is the mantra that all of our team members adopted this year.



BASE hosts 2 BASE Camps each year.  The first is in Clermont Florida at the end of February, and the second is in Boulder, CO  (HOME BASE Headquarters) over Memorial Day weekend. You will make some of the best friends at these camps. Cost is only $199 to attend which includes all dinners. Amazing price.

BASE has added two additional camps to the 2021 season. A 4 day gravel adventure camp in July exploring the mountains and gravel roads of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and a 4 day Leadville Ultra Running Camp exploring the trails and peaks in the Rocky Mountains on Foot.

Please note. Camp attendance is not required at all. They are just a fun add on.

Don't take our word for it, read some of the testimonials from campers who have attended by clicking HERE. 

During the difficult times of 2020, we hosted the BASE Virtual Duathlon and will host the BASE Virtual Run series throughout the rest of 2020. A total of 5 events plus training over the course of 5 months. Our team members loved taking part.

Click HERE to learn more about the BASE Virtual Run Series


How did the Gravel team idea come about?

A few team members went on an incredible Gravel journey over 2 mountain passes back in June, and the gravel craze was born.

What Makes The BASE Team Such A Big Family?

To start off, BASE is owned by two amazing people, husband and wife Matt Miller (the salt cowboy) and Lauralee Miller. They have 2 amazing kids Finn (19 months) and Scout (5 weeks). We as a team were there when these two met at St George 70.3 in 2016. Many of us attended their wedding. Many of us actually visited them in the hospital the day Finn was born. Scout was born during COVID, so no visitors. Finn has attended 3 BASE Camps and over 20 Triathlons. Matt, Lauralee and Finn announced they were pregnant with Scout at BASE Camp Florida. Over the past 8 years many, many team members have met through the BASE team and gone on to get married. While others have had children, and everyone on the BASE team is very welcoming and encouraging during that time. It all starts at the top with our leadership.

Click here to read a recent blog post about the BASE Family during COVID


What awesome kits does BASE Make?


A Long History

The first team we had was 17 years ago in 2003. We had a nutrition company in Los Angeles called NRG Nutrition and a non profit for blind athletes called The C Different Foundation. We had custom kits from LG, wetsuits from XTERRA, helmets and sunglasses from Rudy Project, and support from partners such as the LA Tri Club, Phase 4, Robert Forster Physical Therapy, and Powerbar. From 2003 through 2013 we would have about 40-50 people on the team each year. We would lead blind athletes through races, travel together to events such as IM Lake Placid, and have an amazing time.

In 2014 we launched the BASE Performance Ambassador team, which took on a life of it's own. Now today we have over 1100 team members competing all over the world in multiple sports at varying levels, yet it still feels like a family vibe and we are small like a 20 person group.

We bring this up to share with you that we know what we are doing. We know how to keep every team member together. To keep team members engaged. To help team members feel welcome. We are an every body team, not an elite team. 

So here are the details and the FAQ's:

  • The team is technically free to join, but you are required to purchase the BASE box, which this year is $199 unless you are on the run team, which is $159. Within this BASE Box you will receive (Triathlon Kit, T Shirt, Hat, Gloves, Face Mask, Neck Gaiter, 1 Jar of BASE Gummies, 1 Bag of BASE Hydro, and 1 BASE Bar / flavor) - a $615 value for $199
  • In the past, we have stated you were not able to be on multiple teams. Well, 2020 threw a curveball at all of us, so for this year, you are more than welcome to be on other teams and help support those companies as well. We are all down in revenue, so if you being on 2 teams in the same year can help out both companies during this difficult time, we are 100% for it.
  • After you fill out the application, Matt will read every application and get back to you with instructions on how to place your order for the Team Box. These items are NOT in stock, so they will ship out to you in February at one time
  • Everyone asks, so who does BASE "partner" with in the industry. Over the years we have developed fantastic partnerships with some well known brands. From Quintana Roo for Tri Bikes, Road Bikes, Gravel Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Wetsuits, to Hyperice / Normatec for Recovery Products, Garmin for watches and GPS devices, TACX for trainers, IRWIN wheels for wheels, Red Crown for wheels, SIDAS for Shoe inserts, heated socks, ski equipment, Zealios for skin care, and Pro Compression for Compression socks. We have amazing partnerships with great companies that everyone on the BASE Team get's to work with, no matter what level you are at.
  • BASE will have multiple teams you can be part of for 2021: Triathlon Team, Gravel Cycling Team, Run Team, Youth Team, Adaptive Team, Canada Team and Ambassador Team


Last but not least, if you are an amazing human, we want you to join. We don't do drama. We have zero political posts on our team Facebook pages. We are kind. We are loving. And we have respect for each other. We have zero drama within our teams.

If you are looking for a team which has the best Sports Nutrition on the market, we are your team. If you are looking for a team that produces the best, most comfortable, stylish and affordable workout gear, we are your team.

We hope to see you in 2021. Get excited.


  • BASE Team Members will receive 50% off of all clothing, as well as at least 25% off of nutrition purchases, which increases by 5% each year that you are on the team.
  • BASE Team Members will have access to partner pricing with our Sponsors such as Quintana Roo, Hyperice / Normatec, Garmin, and many others.
  • Access to team gatherings coast to coast.
  • Have an amazing time fitting in with other like minded individuals.
  • Attend at least 4 camps throughout the 2021 season.





  • Eric Sutor

    I’ve been looking at joining the Base Team, what I see is you can only join in September. I am wanting to join the Triathlon team, so do I need to keep a look out in September to join.

    Thank you for your time
    Eric Sutor

  • Tanja

    Hi! I’d love to join the Base Tri Team! Base has helped me so much during the brutal South Carolina summer heat and I’m training for Augusta 70.3 – so it’s going to be HOT HOT HOT.

  • Cherie Durrett

    I want to order the new kits, where is the link?

  • Rebecca

    Excited to be a part of this!

  • Chris Morrow

    Looking forward to getting back into action next year!!

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