Pros Tips for the Right Recovery: Compression Therapy

“Any idiot can train themselves into the ground. The intelligent athlete balances training and recovery to optimize the results,” asserts TJ Tollakson on a recent Friday afternoon. “You don't get faster on the days you train, you get faster by properly recovering from a workout and allowing your body to adapt to the training.” TJ, who competed in his first triathlon at just 4 years old, is an IRONMAN Champion and Founder of Ruster Sports – creators of Dimond Bikes, and knows a thing or two about endurance training. 

When asked about his favorite ways to recover, he is full of good advice, from active recovery techniques like spending time in his NormaTec boots, to a high protein smoothie recipe. “Recovery has always been a huge part of my success as an athlete but I didn't put a ton of focus on it until after I lived with Craig Alexander in 2008,” says TJ. Craig Alexander, known affectionately as Crowie to most, was an early adopter of NormaTec’s rapid recovery technology. “Nutrition, hydration, napping, and active recovery like easy swims, easy spins, NormaTec Sessions, and massage are key ingredients to success,” TJ continues, and then adds “The older I get the more I am required to pay attention to my recovery.”

TJ, who trains 30 hours a week during the bulk of his season, says that he usually uses his NormaTec boots within 30 minutes after his hard sessions, and also uses them at night while falling asleep for about an hour. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery boots flush out lactic acid, reduce inflammation, and massage the muscles to minimize soreness. They utilize a patented compression massage sequence to mobilize fluid and boost blood flow, leaving athletes with fresh legs and increased circulation, ready to take on more training with determination. 

Pro tip? Multitasking. Finding time for ample training and recovery is easier when you make the most of your post-workout NormaTec session “I keep a laptop next to my boots so I can be productive while recovering,” says TJ, who also admits to keeping a set of NormaTec boots at work. 

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What are your tips for recovery during peak training? Let us know in the comments below.  

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