~ Rob Duncan ~ Maintaining During Injury ~

Base helped Rob Duncan maintain even during injury. 
Being a professional athlete the word injury is never what you want to hear. When injured your world can close in on you. Looking at social media and seeing all your friends racing and training can be very heard cope with...
Here’s what happened. I wanted to test the waters at a marathon without having to swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles before it. Should be a lot easier, right? My thoughts too. Leading up to this said marathon I had a little calf injury but I took about a week off and thought it felt good. The day of the race came and I was feeling great. I was getting my Base Performance Rocket Fuel and Base Gels in every 3 miles. 3 parts Hydro, 1 part Amino and 4 parts Base Salt. Watermelon Hydro of course. (That’s my race day formula) But somewhere around mile 8 I felt a pop in my calf. I knew it had torn, but I tired to continue and made it to mile 14 until I couldn’t even stand on it. It wasn’t fun and I was ordered 6 weeks of no activity. 
So I can’t workout but I still want to eat like I am😁. I made a vow that I was going to maintain my weight and after the 6 weeks I would be ready to go. That’s where having a great nutrition company like Base comes in. I changed my formula to 2 scoops hydro, 1 scoop amino and one scoop salt. I had 3 bottles a day plus if I wanted a snack I would have another bottle. I used the Base Supplements and the Recovery Activator. I feel like It really helped me from grabbing a bag of chips or some candy that I shouldn’t have. Keeping my body clean and primed helped my recovery even faster as my body had all the right nutrients to repair itself. 
I was able to start light jogging a week earlier and as I was able to stay at my race weight running has felt easier by not carrying the extra weight that comes with time off.  Base Rocket Fuel and the Base Bars played a good role in my recovery and as I start building for a great 2020 racing year I’m excited for what the future holds. I can’t wait to continue to use Base. They are a great company and you don’t want to change what works. If you haven’t tried Base before you should. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve been using base products since 2012.  

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