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Happy Monday!!


Wow – It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of August. Labor Day is next weekend, and the weather is starting to cool off. Here in Colorado it’s starting to feel like fall, which brings mixed emotions for many.


As a reminder, tomorrow kicks off our “What’s My B” contest. We are so excited to see any and all of the images you have in store, as well as the stories to tell.


The fine print is below, but we are hoping you are as excited for this contest as we are!


Let us know if you have any questions, and happy posting!

The Team at BASE Performance





Hey there!


As you probably already know, BASE Performance is an industry-leading supplier of high-performance triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming apparel.  As BASE seeks to expand its brand awareness over the coming months, we need your help!


From September 1st through the end of 2020, BASE will hold a monthly “What’s My B” contest. Your “B” can stand for anything you want to be... inspirational, motivated, fit, more loving, etc. The winner of each month’s contest will receive a month’s supply of BASE nutrition. One month’s prize will be bars, another will be hydration, another month will be RKT Fuel. If you have a BASE Performance apparel kit (triathlon, running, cycling, or swimsuits) for your specific team and have a “B” you want to talk about, we want to see pictures! So, snap a photo in your BASE kit, post it to Facebook/Instagram with an explanation of your “B” for the month, and then hashtag both @baseperformance and #whatsmyb... that’s it!


As with all contests, there is fine print. This one is SUPER easy – you can even be related to Matt (or another team member) and still win.

  • The image must be posted during the month of the contest (using an app like “repost” is not acceptable), but you can reuse old images, as long as they’re uploaded via a new post.
  • The image must have @baseperformance and #whatsmyb tagged, and both should be mentioned in the post comments.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, but each image must be individually posted (posting 10 images with one post, counts as one post).
  • If you post the same image on Facebook and Instagram, it counts as one entry – you can do both or just one... it’s your choice.
  • Each image counts as an entry; so if you post 30 unique pictures, you will be entered 30 times.
  • You must follow @baseperformance on Instagram and Facebook
  • You can post the same apparel in different poses and scenarios; so, you can apply multiple times, even if you have only one kit.
  • BASE Performance will own the rights to use these image(s) in all future marketing.


If you have any questions, please email: team@baseperformance.com. Questions sent via carrier pigeon, instant message and text will not be responded to.


Have a great day!


Team BASE Performance

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