Yoga For Triathletes

Bonnie Kissinger Yoga for Endurance Athletes

Bonnie Kissinger, BASE Athlete and Yoga Instructor is dedicated to helping athletes recover and maximize their performances by adding yoga to their regular workout routine. Regular yoga helps to correct imbalances within the body that lead to nagging injuries or pain. Aside from strengthening the stability muscles within the body, the mental clarity and focus obtained during a yoga session are vital to cultivating a strong body, mind and spirit. As endurance athletes, we can all attest to the fact that so much of racing is mental. Do not overlook the mental release that an hour of yoga can bring to your mind and body, thus better preparing you for the big day.  In the following video, Bonnie discusses the triangle pose that is important for correcting imbalances that can lead to nagging injuries. Try adding yoga to your regular routine and not just in the off season! Your body will thank you!


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